5 February 2018

23 January 2018

DEAD VOID "The Looming Spectre" Debut Demo

Excellent debut demo from DEAD VOID, a trio from Copenhagen. They released a rehearsal demo last year but "The Looming Spectre" is their first studio recording. It was released this month, recorded in October 2017. 

Four tracks of Doom / Death with huge slow riffs, great mid tempo parts (with some Celtic Frost and Winter reminiscences), some fast parts too, all perfectly blended with a cavernous sound to create a really obscure vibe. I really dig this demo and I won´t be surprised if a good record label give the band a chance to record the debut full-lenght soon.

The demo is available as digital download at the band´s bandcamp page, physical copies on cassette and t-shirts available at the band´s webstore here.


"Voices From The Grave"
Serpent Temptation
1988 Brutal Records

19 January 2018

MASTER´S HAMMER Reveal details & release date for "Fascinator"

Every time MASTER´S HAMMER announces the release of a new album, it is quite an event for me, so being a big fan of the Czech masters I am delighted to know that the release date for “Fascinator” will be February 10th 2108.

"It is the first recording after the live reincarnation in Spring 2017, made by live musicians, namely: Kapák on drums, Blackosh and Storm (also singer) on guitars, Ramus on bass and Silenthell on tympans. Mr. Necrocock created his choirs and harmonies."

The previous album was not entirely satisfying to me compared to “Vagus Vetus or “Vracejte Konve Na Místo”;  it looks like “Fascinator” is a return to the old style of the early albums, so I'll risk saying that this will be one of the best albums of the year. Even more after haven listened to all the tracks unveiled so far, the last one revealed is the album title track, excellent! "Klaní se velikému Fascinátoru!" 


             PH: Jiří Štarha

WHIPSTRIKER To release "Merciless Artillery" LP

"Merciless Artillery", the fourth album from WHIPSTIKER, will be released soon via Hell´s Headbanger Records.

As you already noticed, the album artwork was created by no other than Rök.  The album opener "Merciless Artillery" and "Rape for Freedom" are available for steaming at the bandcamp page. Check both tracks here and...oh yeah, as usual, play it loud!!


"Mass Murderer"
Erupted Evil
1989 Demo

16 January 2018

NATTRAVNEN - Advance track via Transending Obscurity Sampler

Transcending Obscurity Records have just presented the new 2108 label sampler with a lot of tracks from their bands roster. I couldn´t listen to the whole sampler yet (36 tracks!!!) but what I did listen to is NATTRAVNEN´s track "Suicidium, The Seductress of Death", posted by the band members (Kam Lee - vocals/lyrics & Jonny Petterson - all instruments and music). 

The track will be included on the debut full-lenght, soon to be released (I hope so, it left me longing for more!) A mid-tempo track with fast parts, full of darkness and haunting atmosphere, a blend of death/black metal with the great vokills of Kam Lee, what else do you need, bastards?!!! 

Listen to Nattravnen, and the whole sampler below, which by the way is avaiable as free download ath the label´s bancamp. There are also T-shirts available with the desing created by Misanthropic-Art if you want to support this great label. Forever Undergroooound!!!



"Perish In Flames"
Darkness Descends
1986 Combat Records